Leading the Industry

WHIN’s Triage platform is unlike anything else on the market.

Governmental agencies across the country are increasingly faced with the need for a Psychiatric provider (physician or nurse practitioner) for Rapid Decision Support to evaluate a substance abuse and/or mental health issue while in the field. Once a disposition has occurred (either transportation to the hospital, psychiatric facility, or correctional facility) there is a need for triage services.

WHIN is the leader in offering real-time, EHR-integrated evaluations to correctional facilities across the nation. While most correctional facilities need a provider on-site to make import evaluations for persons at risk, WHIN’s Triage program allows for these evaluations to be performed through Telehealth communications.

prisoner with hands through bars waiting

Seamless Integration

Safe and secure.

WHIN’s Triage software seamlessly integrates with existing EHR systems removing the need to migrate to new platforms. Because the Triage software is an extension of the WHIN network. Medical providers within the WHIN network can be authorized to perform these evaluations as part of their scope of work with no additional hassle.

New Revenue Streams

Reach further to support where there’s a need.

Licensed and approved providers will gain access to a new revenue stream by providing real-time evaluations to officers on the scene and because WHIN’s Triage software can integrate with other EHR services, anybody can easily start providing evaluations and earning money.