The WHIN Technology

Leading the way in Telemedicine

The WHIN platform was developed for providers, by providers. With a team of highly skilled, trained and passionate providers leading the charge, the platform developed into a uniquely positioned solution for all medical professionals. The WHIN platform can easily integrate with existing operating models. Integration with WHIN means new possibilities and better healthcare solutions for your patients.

Security is Part of the Solution

Your peace of mind built into the platform.

Compliance and security forms the backbone of the WHIN platform.
All aspects pertaining to the offering are HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant. Industry-standard encryption ensures protection of sensitive data. Practitioners and patients can rest assured on the WHIN platform.

Scalability to Delivery the Future

Secure cloud-based efficiency.

The need to maintain local systems are eliminated with the WHIN solution. Providers can remain focused on their core delivery with the cost efficient and highly secure cloud infrastructure. Back-ups and other maintenance issues requirements like redundancy solutions are built in to the offering. The needs of our providers are constantly assessed to ensure highest levels of responsive scalability across disciplines.