Rapid Decision Support

Dependable real-time evaluations in the field.

The only crisis assessment mobile application of it’s kind available to law enforcement today. Patrol officers and other law enforcement personnel rely on RDS for fast and efficient evaluation of crisis situations with an impressive 7-minute response time. By eliminating the waiting time for CAT teams to arrive, RDS makes it possible for rapid decisions based on current, reliable information. The application has been shared with government agencies throughout the Nation for input and suggestions.

officer talking to girl using whin rds on cell phone

A Provider in Your Pocket

Individuals at risk are safe with real-time support at the touch of a button.

Law enforcement now have access to multiple specialists that can support their on demand calls. No more waiting hours for professionals to reach the scene to provide a consult. Efficiency is reaching new heights with the WHIN RDS application. Any first responder is now able to reach out to a psychiatric provider with the touch a button. Once opened, the application will be connected with a provider within 7 minutes. With support, the first responder can utilize in field tests for detection of controlled substances and Bluetooth physical diagnostics (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation) that WHIN provides to assist with the diagnostic evaluation.

RDS enables enhanced safety for the first responder and persons at risk. They will know if there are any possible psychiatric or other medical issues that may require transport to a hospital, psychiatric facility or correctional facility, and decisions can be made to best serve their community.

The RDS support services include:
– Emergent video consultations within minutes of the request
– Follow-up video consultations in a timely manner
– Easy medication refill

A partnership with WHIN means reliability and turnkey solutions to the everyday challenges in the field. Contact us today to start a partnership discussion.

man suffering from trauma talking to police officer