Turnkey Telemedicine

A Partnership that Works

We provide a suite of services including real time scheduling, high definition video conferencing, integrated EHR, Rx management and streamlined billing – all in the palm of your hand. We partner with providers that seek branded and customized solutions through our white labeling program – reach out to us to discuss how this solution can be tailored to your specific needs.

Sign Up and Go

Getting started with WHIN is simple and fast.

The WHIN platform provides an easy-to-use, intuitive experience for practitioners to setup, manage and complete patient encounters. The powerful back-end of the platform enables true integrated healthcare delivery with profitability in mind.

Patients Love the Simplicity

The single sign-on streamlines family healthcare management.

The WHIN patient interface connects the user with a network of healthcare providers. Patients can easily schedule visits, make payments, review past appointments and access reports. This alleviates the need for additional staff at healthcare facilities. Family healthcare management has never been this easy.

doctor and patient video chat graphic

The WHIN Network Extends Your Team

We support a large network of medical providers accessible to extend and expand your team.

With access to a nationwide network, your organization can employ medical providers with a variety of skill sets and expertise to give patients the care they deserve when they need it.
Greater provider availability means you always have a back-up plan. Whether an emergency or a much needed break, you will have peace of mind knowing trusted providers in the WHIN Network will be available to cover your patient visits. This allows for more flexibility on the job and patients enjoy always on quality care.
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