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Telehealth Solution

Real-time, high definition connection between Medical Provider and Patient. An efficient, integrated and cost effective platform for patients and practitioners.


In Field Support

Proprietary mobile software that facilitates real-time evaluations in the field. This solution eliminates unnecessary delays while waiting for CAT teams to provide urgent support.


Incident Resolution

Designed specifically for tactical threat assessment in high risk environments like correctional facilities. Immediate psychiatric assessments reduce risk and leads to fast and reliable incident resolution.

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Rx Management

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Cloud Service

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24/7 Support

Always On, Profitable Professional Care

24/7 Assistance in the palm of your hand.

WHIN connects patients with quality care at the touch of a button. Provider dependability is greatly increased due to a network of professionals that provide care and support when needed. This takes patient care to new heights in the always on and on demand world - driven by world class technology.

WHIN - Your future in healthcare

Expand your horizon. Offer the best in healthcare with WHIN.

Open up your practice to a world of possibilities. WHIN provides a network of dedicated professional healthcare providers with a variety of skills and expertise to serve patients when they need it, where they need it. This is your opportunity to be a part of a technologically driven healthcare solution, to transform the way we deliver patient care and increase profitability.

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